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Services Overview

This is a free, strictly confidential and independent service. It is not necessary to make an appointment and fully trained information providers deliver the service.

Longford CIC can provide up to date information and advice on a wide range of services and entitlements. For assistance call in, phone, write, or email:

The list below are a range of topics for which we can provide assistance. Click on a topic below to view detailed information on the Citizens Information website

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  1. Birth, Family and Relationships
  2. Consumer Affairs
  3. Death and Bereavement
  4. Education and Training
  5. Employment
  6. Environment
  7. Government in Ireland
  8. Health
  9. Housing
  10. Justice
  11. Moving Country
  12. Social Welfare
  13. Travel and Recreation
  14. Money and Tax



One of our private consultation rooms.